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With my wife Margaret I am spending a happy retirement based in Richmond, London. When travelling we use public transport where possible, resorting to a car when it is the only viable option. This blog is an occasional diary of our travels in North America, Europe and Turkey plus other places as yet unknown.

Exploring the North American Pacific Coast by Ferry – part 2

  The Pacific coast of Alaska, from the Canadian border to the Aleutian Islands, is served by the boats of the Alaska Marine Highway, a state-owned ferry company.  We took two journeys on the AMH.  The first was from Prince … Continue reading

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Exploring the North American Pacific Coast by Ferry – part 1

  The Pacific Coast of British Columbia and Southeast Alaska is well served with ferries.   It needs to be.  As well as the many island communities, even places on the mainland have no road links with the rest of continental … Continue reading

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A Trip with the Wow Factor Day after Day

In mid June we made our first flight on a Boeing 787 – the Dreamliner as it is called. That name was so appropriate for the trip we were embarking upon, a “trip of a lifetime”.  For us, a perfect … Continue reading

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Rambling Round London – The London LOOP

Setting a target Laziness can be a bit of a curse.  You put off things for trivial reasons.  Even things that you really enjoy get left to one side.  So, having reached the age of 75 at the end of … Continue reading

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Paris Déjà Vu – Part 2

–  Friday dawned a much better day, blue sky and very cold.  After breakfast in one of the local café bars, we walked along a few local streets lined with small shops.  If you are looking for expensive shoes, clothes, … Continue reading

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Paris Deja Vu – Part 1

Well it is January so I guess it’s to be expected that it would be cold and wet.  The temperature was well below 10C and the rain rained at regular intervals.  But that didn’t stop us having a great trip.  We visited … Continue reading

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Newfoundland – The End of a Great Visit

It was our last day in Newfoundland and a very long day it was going to be.  The WestJet flight back to London was not until 11.35 at night but we’d be in Gatwick by 8 the next morning with only … Continue reading

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