I guess you’re reading this because, like me, you enjoy travel.  Of course a lot of travel can seem rather boring – the commute to work, the 12 hour flight – but for me every journey, however mundane, is an adventure and a unique experience.

All experiences are not always for the better.  Sharing a seat on a four hour charter flight with the obese passenger overflowing from the adjacent seat is not fun but it is an experience.  But arriving at a col on the Lycian Way long-distance walking trail in Turkey and seeing the turqoise Mediterranean spread out before you and the Greek island of Rhodes in the middle distance, is a wonderful experience.  Experiences come in all shapes and sizes and in this blog there will be a real cross-section.

To start the story there will be a few unpublished blogs written over the last three or four years.  They include a dramatic and fascinating trip around the Eastern borders of Turkey just touching the neighbouring countries of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Syria, visiting sites both ancient and modern and seeing how the Turkish economy is thriving in some fairly hostile territory.  Another journey records a long-distance train ride by Amtrak through the Mid West, the Rockies and the West Coast of the United States.  Although this journey was about seeing new places it turned out that we didn’t see as many new places as we had planned (read the blog to find out why) but we did have a series of great conversations with our fellow passengers as we shared tables in the dining car.  Another journey was a five hour trip by service bus along the Turkish Mediterranean coastline to Antalya.  Although there wasn’t much conversation there were many encounters with Turkish daily life both on the bus and at the bus stations.

If you enjoy this blog please pass it on to your friends.  All comments will be gratefully received as will suggestions for other journeys.

Happy reading.



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