A Postscript – AGAIN!!

Sorry about the premature posting.  I was trying to do a complete blog on my smartphone and clearly failed!!  Here goes again.


My last blog about William Roy generated a number of positive comments. One reminded me that around the same time as Roy was drawing his maps, a certain Mr John Harrison was trying to devise an accurate and portable time-piece to allow the measurement of longitude. That got me thinking of a project to walk a bit of the Greenwich Meridian, the baseline for longitude and now, for that matter, the baseline for time.

I didn’t have the OS maps for Greenwich and points north and south so a trip to cartophile heaven was called for.  Stanfords in Longacre, Covent Garden, London has maps and guides for every journey you might want to make not just in the UK but throughout the world.  They have the complete catalogue of Ordnance Survey maps. And an added bonus, there was a special offer of a free walking pole if you purchased three maps. I was planning to buy a pole and buying three maps is never an ordeal.

As I was already in London, there was an opportunity to add to my knowledge of Roy by visiting the blue plaque placed in his memory.  It is in Argyle Street, a street very close to Oxford Circus that houses the famous London Palladium.  Finding the street was easy but it was a little difficult finding the blue plaque as the building where he used to live is undergoing restoration and is covered in scaffolding.  On looking carefully behind all the rigging I espied a carefully made wooden protector that was covering the plaque whilst the work progressed.  I can’t say that I have seen the actual plaque but I know exactly where it will be when the restoration is complete.

Now its time to get out the new maps and start planning another minor expedition.


About Clashgour

With my wife Margaret I am spending a happy retirement based in Richmond, London. When travelling we use public transport where possible, resorting to a car when it is the only viable option. This blog is an occasional diary of our travels in North America, Europe and Turkey plus other places as yet unknown.
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2 Responses to A Postscript – AGAIN!!

  1. Merryl Cook says:

    Have you read ‘The Mapmaker’s Wife’ Robert Whitaker, Bantam 2005 (resolving the precise size and shape of Earth; journeys in Amazonia); and/or ‘Longitude’ (the true story of a lone genius who solved the greatest scientific proble of his time) Sobel, Fourth Estate 1998? I think you’d enjoy either or both if you haven’t already.

    • Clashgour says:

      Thanks Merryl. Margaret bought me a copy of “Longitude” when it was first published and I read it then. Following a prompt from another friend I have just re-read it this weekend. A fascinating read. I don’t know “The Mapmaker’s Wife” but will now be seeking it out. Today I started on my next cartophile’s blog about the Greenwich Meridian. I’m planning a walk in the area for one day in the coming week. We go back to Kalkan in three week time. Will we see you there this autumn?

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