British Summer Time

Between last Saturday night and Sunday morning we had the annual ritual of moving from good old GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), the standard used as the basis for time around the world, to the WW1 invention of BST (British Summer Time).

It has been a particularly cold winter in London, with a constant NE wind bringing lots and lots of cold air.  There has been little snow and ice but the temperature has been clinging to the narrow band of 1C to 5C day and night.  With the wind chill factor making it feel as though the temperatures were below 0C, we’ve all resorted to wearing the warmest clothes and not worrying too much about fashion.

Anyway, with the passing of last weekend, it was time to prepare for summer.  The Spring Equinox had happened a week before so there were more daylight hours in the day than night hours, the clocks had moved to summer time and the annual Oxford v Cambridge Boat Race had taken place on the Thames.  It must be officially Summer.  Time to get out the shorts!!

Monday didn’t show any improvement but confidence was high that the thermometer would start to rise.  Were we wrong??

Today, Thursday 4th April, the snow started at 10.15 BST – that’s right, British SUMMER Time.  For an hour or two it fell steadily but without lying.  People did not know what to expect.  Was it going to fizzle out or turn to something more serious.

At 3 o’clock the answer came.  It suddenly turned into a blizzard.  In the white-out you could see about 100 metres.  From my window I could hardly see across the road.  Cars turned white as did lawns.  Winter had returned – had it ever left? – with avengeance.

Thank goodness we are heading back to Turkey on Saturday.  The forecast for Saturday there is for 26C temperature and bright sunshine.  It will feel like paradise.  Will try to divert some of the good weather to the UK – but can’t promise.


About Clashgour

With my wife Margaret I am spending a happy retirement based in Richmond, London. When travelling we use public transport where possible, resorting to a car when it is the only viable option. This blog is an occasional diary of our travels in North America, Europe and Turkey plus other places as yet unknown.
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3 Responses to British Summer Time

  1. John Fed says:

    Have a good journey. See you soon.

  2. Gerry Grant says:

    Looking forward to seeing you both back in Kalkan, have a safe journey XX

  3. OK You two, have a safe journey, remember the sun protection, enjoy your walks in the sun! I can’t even imagine that! See you in May – love Viv xxx

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